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Released: 28 March, 2017        Size: 290MB (full version)

NOTE: This download contains ALL the server chassis upgrade files for Xena’s L2-3 and L4-7 products, and is for customers upgrading to the latest version.
If you ONLY want to use Xena’s Live Demo System, please see this page.

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Release 72.3 does not support Xena’s M1QSFP28SFP28. If you install Release 72.3, the chassis will not recognize these test modules. For more information, please contact Xena Support.

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Other Downloads

L2-3 - Demo Port Configuration Files

L2-3 Port Config File
You can use this file to quickly configure a L2-3 port so you can see the major features. (Download the file, start XenaManager-2G and connect to a chassis. Then right-click on a port and select “Load port configuration …”. For full instructions, please see this guide.)

The port configuration files below will open in a new browser page for easy viewing. (To use the configuration, copy and paste into e.g. Notepad, save onto your desktop and then import into XM-2G.)
Basic Features
- FiltersDownload
SNMP DiscoveryDownload
MEF L2Protocols BaselineDownload
L2 Control PacketsDownload
Connectivity Check MessageDownload
Teardrop AttackRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
UDP FloodRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
SYN AttackRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
ARP SpoofingRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
DNS FloodRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
Ping FloodRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
Ping of DeathRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
Smurf AttackRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
SYN FloodRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
TCP AttackRead about it on Wikipedia.Download

PCAP Samples

Here are sample PCAP files you can download and use with XenaManager-2G. Read more here. Click the link in the third column to read the corresponding entry on Wikipedia.
Download all as zip fileDownload
- ETH_IPv4_TCP_syn.pcapRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
- ETH_IPv4_UDP_dns.pcapRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
- IEEE_802.1ag-CFM-CCM.pcapRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
- IEEE_802.1X-EAPOL.pcapRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
- Link_Aggregation-LACP.pcapRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
- Link_Layer_Discovery_Protocol-LLDP.pcapRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
- Rapid_Spanning_Tree_Protocol-RSTP.pcapRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
- Spanning_Tree_Protocol-STP.pcapRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
- Synchronous_Ethernet-ESMC.pcapRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
- Virtual_Extensible_LAN-VXLAN.pcapRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
- IEEE1588_Precision Time Protocol-PTPv2-Sequence.pcapRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
- IPv4_FRAGMENT_OVERLAP-Sequence.pcapRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
- IPv4-DHCP-Sequence.pcapRead about it on Wikipedia.Download
- SNMPv3_Discover-Sequence.pcapRead about it on Wikipedia.Download

L4-7 - XenaConnect Config Files

L4-7 Port Config File
Loadable test configuration files for use with XenaConnect (L4-7). The files are grouped in the following directories:

1. TCP CC - Each configuration file contains a single traffic scenario per test case. All traffic is based on the TCP CC traffic type. This means that only tcp connection establishment and tear-down (SYN, FIN) packets are being generated. TCP payload is NOT being generated in these scenarios.

2. TCP Load - Each configuration file contains a single traffic scenario per test case. All traffic is based on the TCP Load (TCP with payload) traffic type. Following connection establishment payload is being transmitted.

3. TCP Request Response - Examples of TCP request-response application. These are typically used to simulate HTTP.

4. Combined - These configuration files contains single or multiple testcases with a combination of traffic types or load profile.


Scripting Specifications & Examples

Xena's Layer 2-3 and Layer 4-7 script samples are stored on GitHub incl. TCL, Perl, Java, Python, Ruby & BASH. Click the button to visit GitHub and browse the library.
To GitHub

Test Suite Sample Reports

Xena2544 (RFC 2544) Report - ExampleDownload
Xena2889 (RFC 2889) Report - Example Download
Xena3918 (RFC 3918) Report - Example Download
Xena1564 (Y1564) Report - Example Download
XenaIntegrator (Advanced Stream Definition) Report- Example Download

Wireshark Plugin

Xena offers better Wireshark integration via a dedicated LUA plugin. There are 2 versions:

1. Download XenaTPLD Plugin for Wireshark 2.0 and newer

-or -

2. Download XenaTPLD Plugin for up to Wireshark 1.1

* Sorry, if you use any version of Wireshark between 1.1 and 2.0 you will have to either downgrade or upgrade.

Xena WireShark plugin

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