It’s easy to try our solutions live right now - all you need is a PC running Windows XP or later! Here’s what you do. 

  1. Click here to complete the live demo registration form. When you click “Submit” you’ll be sent to a page where you can download the latest versions of  XenaManager,  XenaScripting, XenaIntegrator, Xena2544, Xena1564, Xena2889 and Xena3918 onto your PC.
  2. As shown in the system diagram (below) you can now connect to a XenaBay chassis featuring a mix of 1G, 10G, and Xena’s unique “tri-speed” 10/40/100G module. In the dialog box enter IP address = “” and
    password = “xena”, and click “Ok”. These modules and ports are connected to two switches and two routers.

    (Note that TCP port 22606 needs to be open for XenaManager to connect to the tester.)

For more tips on getting started with XenaManager, watch this YouTube video.

Live System Demo

Demo Xena Manager Live

NOTE: You will find both the chassis in the same state as the previous user left it. Before you continue exploring the system, consider reading the 10-page Xena System Management Overview document. You can explore the test system on your own, or follow the basic stream configuration example in demo instructions.

You can also use this file to quickly configure a port so you can see the major features. Simply download the file, start XenaManager and connect to a chassis. Then right-click on a port and select “Load port configuration ...”. (See this quick guide for more details.) 

Demonstration Configuration File


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