Manufacturing and Q&A Testing

The manufacturing and quality assurance (QA) test applications performs multiple, functional tests of a given technology. The speed, accuracy, reliability, scalability, and scripting capability makes the Xena testers ideally suited for this application.

The Xena testers can help NEMs improve production quality to near zero failure rates after shipment. Automated tests based on IETF RFCs, such as RFC 2544, quickly deliver pass/fail results so users can isolate a fault on a switch automatically. The RFC tests provide an industry-standard methodology for testing advanced switches.

If an automated RFC test fails, the user can debug the device with an interactive GUI in real time to quickly isolate the problem. In addition, the user can switch between automated tests and interactive control without changing applications.

Manufacturing Q&A Testing Solution

  1. Rack mount and laboratory grade testers.
  2. High port density rack test equipment, 72 ports
    of GE or XE ports in 4U rackmount XenaBay tester.
  3. Automated testing via RFC 2544, and interleaved
    debugging between GUI and scripting based
  4. Scripting control from any scripting language such as
    TCL, Python, VBA, Java.
  5. Wire-speed and high precision traffic generation and
    analysis allows for accurate and repeatable tests.
  6. High-speed 40G and 100G test modules for next generation network equipment.
  7. Industry leading cost per test port
Manufacturing and Q&A

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