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XenaWeb – Web-based access to Xena applications

XenaWeb is a standalone “mini” server that gives easy access to Xena’s suite of applications from any HTML-5 compatible browser or device.

This lets you quickly access all of Xena’s test applications from Linux, Mac, and Windows operating environments using devices ranging from desktop PCs to tablets and smart phones – all without installing any new software.

This is a valuable feature for test engineers operating in environments where security regulations prohibit installing new software on the computing devices provided.

XenaWeb hosts a Windows Server 2012 R2 allowing up to 5 users to simultaneously access Xena’s growing range of test software including XenaManager-2G, XenaIntegrator, Xena 1564, Xena 2544, Xena2889, and Xena3918.

Using the handheld-size ‘Next Unit of Computing’ (NUC) form factor, XenaWeb offers a huge access flexibility with a very low physical and power usage footprint. Everything is pre-installed and ready to run – simply configure the IP address, open a browser and start testing.

XenaWeb System Diagram

XenaWeb makes it easy for up to 5 concurrent users to run tests and manage their Xena equipment via ordinary web browsers on laptops, tablets or even smartphones.

Top features - XenaWeb

  • Easy access to Xena’s suite of test applications from any OS (Linux, Microsoft, Apple) via an HTML-5 compatible browser
  • Ideal for test scenarios where installing new software is restricted
  • Accelerated RDS technology offers an browser-based experience as close as possible to the desktop client version
  • Supports up to 5 simultaneous users with individual sessions and/or desktops
  • Sets up in minutes

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