Xena 100 Gigabit Ethernet Testing for Layer 2-3


100GE has come a long way since it was first proposed in 2006/7. Today it has matured into a standardized and well-documented technology widely deployed for high speed data communication in e.g. core networks and for Data Center Interconnect. Xena demonstrated its first solution for 100GE in January 2011, and today we offer these advanced test & measurement modules:

Loki-100G-5S-2P Loki-100G-5S-1P

(# of Ports / Speed)
2 x 100GE ports
4 x 50GE ports
2 x 40GE ports
8 x 25GE ports
8 x 10GE ports

(# of Ports / Speed)
1 x 100GE ports
2 x 50GE ports
1 x 40GE ports
4 x 25GE ports
4 x 10GE ports

This 2-port 100GE test module can also test 50GE, 40GE, 25GE and 10GE delivering great value for money.

A 5-speed test module with a single QSFP28/QSFP+ transceiver cage, and two SFP28/SFP+ transceiver cages.



Unique Eye Diagram

Xena 100GE test modules includes a unique feature for analyzing signal quality called the “eye diagram”. When using the QSFP28 ports, an additional panel called “Advanced PHY Features“ will appear in the main Resource Properties tab of XenaManager-2G. This panel controls and monitors the four receive SerDes associated with the 4x10G or 4x25G link at the physical level. It also creates bit-error-rate (BER) eye diagrams, estimates the link BER from the vertical and horizontal BER bathtub curves and controls the PHY tuning in the transmit and the receive directions.

How it works: The BER eye-diagram provides a direct visual representation of the signal quality after RX equalization. The eye-diagram is formed by changing the time dimension (sampling delay) and the amplitude dimension (0/1 threshold) of the sampling point of the PHY step-by-step. For each sampling point (x,y), 1 million bits are measured, the number of bit-errors are counted and a simple division gives the BER. The result is the BER eye-diagram (see below). The color map shows the measured bit-error rate for each point going from 1 million (maximum red) to zero (black). The color scale is logarithmic. Higher resolutions give a clearer diagram and higher values of X and Y will also give a higher precision in the vertical and horizontal bathtub curve estimations, respectively.

What it shows: The eye-data table provides an estimate of several parameters of the eye, including width, height and jitter. Future releases will also include link BER estimates based on the horizontal and vertical bathtub curves. See here for more information on the “eye” diagram feature. Xena eye diagram shows signal integrity

Common Parameters
Width Estimated eye-width in mUI
Height Estimated eye-height in mV
Horizontal Bathtub Parameters
HSlope left Left slope of the horizontal bathtub curve
HSlope right Right slope of the horizontal bathtub curve
Y-intercept left Intersection with the Y-axis on the left side
Y-intercept right Intersection with the Y-axis on the right side
R-squared fit left Quality assessment of the estimation. Max = 100.
R-squared fit right Quality assessment of the estimation. Max = 100.
Est RJrms left Estimated random jitter (rms) – left side
Est RJrms right Estimated random jitter (rms) – right side
Est DJpp Estimated deterministic jitter
Vertical Bathtub Parameters
VSlope bottom Bottom slope of the vertical bathtub curve
VSlope top Top slope of the vertical bathtub curve
X-intercept bottom Intersection with the bottom X-axis
X-intercept top Intersection with the top X-axis
R-squared fit bottom Quality assessment of the estimation. Max = 100
R-squared fit top Quality assessment of the estimation. Max = 100
Est RJrms bottom Estimated random jitter (rms) – bottom
Est RJrms top Simulated random jitter (rms) – top


Xena’s test solutions are renowned for their price/performance – you get a lot of great features at a very affordable price. To help you evaluate our 100GE solutions we are happy to offer free online demo session where we walk you through all the software and answer any questions you might have regarding your specific test scenario. If you already know what you need, we can also arrange for a quick quote. Part of our value proposition is that we include all software and 3 years’ of upgrades free of charge with every L2-3 solution. We also offer free technical support for the lifetime of the product and a year’s free hardware warranty.

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