Xena 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet Testing for Layer 2-3


The new 2.5GE and 5.0GE standards are designed to ease congestion at Wi-Fi access points by boosting performance by up to 500% while reusing existing Cat5e/Cat6 cabling.

This makes them much cheaper than upgrading to 10GE.

To help the many Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) preparing to launch 2.5GE & 5.0GE networking devices, Xena offers the M6RJ45N test module which can test both 2.5GE and 5.0GE, as well as 10GE, 1GE and 100 Mbps – all via the same device and using the same software.

This makes it ideal for quickly and cost-effectively validating 2.5GE and 5.0GE performance on any device or network



(# of Ports / Speed)
6 x 10GE ports
6 x 5.0GE ports
6 x 2.5GE ports
6 x 1GE ports
6 x 100Mbps ports

A 6-port test module that supports five speeds incl. 5.0 and 2.5GE.



Xena’s test solutions are renowned for their price/performance – you get a lot of great features at a very affordable price. To help you evaluate our 2.5GE solutions we are happy to offer free online demo session where we walk you through all the software and answer any questions you might have regarding your specific test scenario.

If you already know what you need, we can also arrange for a quick quote. Part of our value proposition is that we include all software and 3 years’ of upgrades free of charge with every L2-3 solution. We also offer free technical support for the lifetime of the product and a year’s free hardware warranty.

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