Chimera Knowledge Base

This guide shows you how to:

  •   Add Chimera to a testbed
  •   Add/Configure Module(s) and Port(s)
  •   Configure Streams
  •   Read the Port Statistics

Add Chimera to a Testbed

1. Open ValkyrieManager

2. Click the “Add Chassis” button (top left)

2. Enter IP address of Management port under “Chassis Address:” The default “Chassis Password” is xena

3. Use Options > Set Username to indicate who owns the port reservation:


Configure Chimera Test Module

  1. Description: In this field add a Module Description text
  2. Port Configuration: Choose the port speed


Add Port

  1. Select the Port/s you want to use.

  1. Click “Reserve Used Ports”
  2. Check “Show Only Used Ports”

You will now see user1 listed as the owner of the port.

TIP: Right-click the ports, modules or chassis to see additional options e.g.:

Configure Port

Select the port(s) you want to configure and click “Resource Properties” tab:

1. Description: Here you can add a Port Description text.

Configure Port Impairments

Now you can use the Impairments Config tab to configure the parameters you want to test.

  1. Port Associations: If the Chimera port is connected to a Valkyrie port: Simultaneously select the Chimera port and the Valkyrie port and right-click. You can then associate the ports. This will let you configure impairments under the Valkyrie port resource properties
  2. Emulate: Check to activate the Chimera port
  3. Bidirectional: Click to have the same impairment settings in both directions
  4. Packet Drop: Activate packet drop by selecting “Random” and set drop probability
  5. Latency/Jitter: Activate latency by selecting “Constant” and set latency value

Port Statistics

Traffic direction through the Chimera module. In the example below, you can see the receive statistical counters for port 0 and transmit statistical counters for port 1 on the same screen.