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Xena chassis can be controlled in two ways: in a point-and-click interactive style using XenaManager, and in a command-line-interface style using a text-based scripting interface.

The script commands are simple lines of text exchanged between a client and the chassis. An example command to the chassis could be:

0/5 PS_RATEPPS [3] 500000

This goes to module 0, port 5, and sets stream 3’s rate to 500000 packets per second. The chassis responds with:


You would query for the current value this way:

0/5 PS_RATEPPS [3] ?

And the chassis would respond in exactly the same way that you set the value yourself:

0/5 PS_RATEPPS [3] 500000

This document contains a general overview of the scripting mechanism, followed by reference sections describing each group of scriptable parameters in detail. There are a few hundred parameters in total, but only a handful is required for typical simple tasks.

To set up basic traffic patterns and obtain traffic statistics, use the port parameters (starting with P_…), the stream parameters (starting with PS_…), and the transmit/receive statistics parameters (starting with PT_… and PR_…).

At the end of the overview sections there is a complete example of how to use a collection of script commands to define and execute some simple operations on a chassis.