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The scripting environment provides a few commands that do not directly interact with the chassis state, but rather support the scripting process itself.

  • SYNC. This command simply produces a reply of , which can be helpful when parsing and delimiting the lines returned from the chassis, in particular when using multi-parameter queries. You can also do SYNC ON, which will subsequently cause an automatic SYNC after each command. SYNC OFF disables this.
  • WAIT n. This command waits for the specified number of seconds, up to 60, and then produces a reply of . This is a simple mechanism for inserting pauses into scripts that are contained in a file and simply sent to the chassis line-by-line. Longer waits and more sophisticated automation require client-side functionality, which must also handle the keep-alives.
  • HELP ?. This command gives you an overview of the built-in help function, useful when using the scripting environment interactively, as from the Xena Scripting Client.
  • HELP ”parameter. Gives you a brief overview of the required indices and values for the specified parameter. You are allowed to specify only a prefix of the parameter name, which will then give you the overview for each matching parameter, e.g.: HELP ”P_” for all port-level parameters. The summary of the required values uses the abbreviations for the various types introduced in the command syntax above, e.g.:B(0=OFF,1=ON) which means a single byte value where the two relevant values can be specified using coded names.