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The set/change commands themselves simply produce a reply from the chassis of:

< OK >

In case something is unacceptable to the chassis, it may return one of the following
status messages:
<NOTLOGGEDON> You have not issued a C_LOGON providing the chassis password.

<NOTRESERVED> You have not issued a x_RESERVATION for the resource you
want to change.

<NOTWRITABLE> The parameter is read-only.

<NOTREADABLE> The parameter is write-only.

<NOTVALID> The operation is not valid in the current chassis state, e.g.
because traffic is on.

<BADMODULE> The module index value is out of bounds.

<BADPORT> The port index value is out of bounds.

<BADINDEX> A parameter sub-index value is wrong.

<BADSIZE> The size of a data value is not appropriate.

<BADVALUE> A value is not appropriate.

<FAILED> An operation failed to produce a result.

In case of a plain syntax error, misspelled parameter, or inappropriate use of
module/port/indices, the chassis will return a line pointing out the column where
the error was detected, e.g.:

0/5 PS_RATEPPS [] 5q00
#Syntax error in column 24