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How To Close TCP/UDP Ports On Xena Bay Chassis Back End.

1. If you are using Windows, install PuTTY ( on your PC

2. Open PuTTY, and type [email protected] ( chassis management ip)  in the Host Name and click “Open”

3. PuTTY will ask for the password to SSH to the L23 chassis. The password is “xxxxxx” ( Please contact PM team). Please keep the password to yourself and never release it to customers because this will give root access to our system and do all kinds of things.

4. After logging in, enter netstat -nplt, and you will see:

5. For example, if we need to disable snmpd and httpd

6. To disable httpd and snmpd:

  1. chkconfig httpd off
  2. chkconfig snmpd off

7. Verify httpd and snmpd are disabled after reboot:

  1. chkconfig –list | grep httpd
  2. chkconfig –list | grep snmpd
  3. they should show all “off”
  4. If you do netstat -nplt again, you should not see httpd or snmpd anymore.