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L2-3 Port Config File

You can use this file to quickly configure a L2-3 port so you can see the major features. (Download the file, start XenaManager and connect to a chassis. Then right-click on a port and select “Load port configuration …”. For full instructions, please see this guide.)  


The port configuration files below will open in a new browser page for easy viewing. (To use the configuration, copy and paste into e.g. Notepad, save onto your desktop and then import into XenaManager.)


Basic Features



SNMP Discovery


MEF L2Protocols Baseline

L2 Control Packets

Connectivity Check Message


Teardrop Attack (Wikipedia definition)

UDP Flood (Wikipedia definition)

SYN Attack (Wikipedia definition)

ARP Spoofing (Wikipedia definition)

DNS Flood (Wikipedia definition)

Ping Flood (Wikipedia definition)

Ping of Death (Wikipedia definition)

Smurf Attack (Wikipedia definition)

SYN Flood (Wikipedia definition)

TCP Attack (Wikipedia definition)