Valkyrie Knowledge Base


The command line interface for the three Valkyrie RFC test applications (Valkyrie2544, Valkyrie2889 and Valkyrie3918) are supported on Linux when using the Mono framework. This allows you to execute existing test configurations in a Linux console and obtain the test reports.

Note that the application can only be run in command line mode. The full configuration GUI is not supported under Linux. You can thus only execute a predefined configuration file.

Platform Support

The applications have been tested under Fedora Workstation version 22 and Ubuntu Desktop version 15.04, both with Mono version 4.0.3 SR3 ( or higher. Other modern Linux distributions supporting the Mono framework may also work. Older versions of the Mono framework have not been tested and may not work.

Please observe that older version of Valkyrie2544 has problems running under the newer Mono versions. This was fixed in Valkyrie2544 version 2.54 (release 76.2) and the problem does not occur after this. Therefore if you experience problems, please upgrade to release 76.2 or higher.

Sample Execution

To execute a Xena test application on a Linux system you first need to copy the executable to the Linux system and place it in a directory of your choice. Xena do not offer an installer for Linux at the moment.

Then you should open a Terminal and execute the application as follows:

$ mono /Xena2544.exe -c  -e