Xena Knowledge Base

Troubleshooting a Xena Test Application

This section explains how you should report a problem to your support representative.

Describe the Problem

To enable fast resolution of your problem we request that your support request contains the following information:

  • Name and version of the Xena test software used (the version can be seen in the main title bar)
  • A description of what you are trying to do with the software.
  • If the software misbehaved please describe what you actually encountered and you expected instead.
  • Screenshots of any error situation.
  • The test configuration file for the application (contained in the support archive).
  • Any debug log files for the application (contained in the support archive).

Create a Support Information Archive

The Xena test applications include a menu entry called Create Support Information Archive which will create a compressed ZIP archive containing both the currently loaded configuration file and the content of the Logs and Settings directories. This file can then be emailed to your support representative.

For the Xena2544 and similar test applications, this menu entry is located in the Help menu. For the XenaManager application, it is located in the Tools ribbon menu.

Please note: For the Xena2544 and similar test applications it is important that the configuration file used when the problem was detected is loaded when the support archive is generated. Otherwise, the configuration file will not be part of the archive.

Attach Screenshots 

Screenshots are a great and easy way of communicating what you see on the screen. To obtain a screenshot of a running program and send it to Xena support perform the following actions:

  1. Point your mouse inside the program window.
  2. Press the keys simultaneously.
  3. Switch to your email program and start a new email message.
  4. Press or select “Paste” from the menu (most likely the “Edit” menu) to insert the screenshot into the email.

Additional Details

This section goes into a bit more detail about the various items contained in the Xena Support Archive mentioned above.

Configuration Files

The Xena test applications keep their configurations in special files with an application-specific extension. The extensions used are as follows:

Xena2544: *.v2544
Xena1564: *.v1564
Xena3918: *.v3918
Xena2889: *.v2889
XenaManager: *.vmcfg

The configuration files will be located in a common Xena data directory on your PC. More specifically they will be located in the following path: C:Xena. The directory depends on your Windows version:

Windows Vista, 7 and 8: C:Users<username>AppDataRoaming
Windows XP: C:Documents and Settings<username>}Application Data

The <username> is the name of the currently logged-in user.

The Xena test applications include a menu entry called Explore Xena Data Directory in the File menu that will open a Windows Explorer in the correct directory, regardless of the Windows version.

Debug Log Files

The Xena test applications logs certain events and errors to a series of debug log file located in the Logs subdirectory under the above mentioned main application data directory. If you encounter errors it may help the support if you include these files in your support request.