Xena Knowledge Base

Enable Link Flap

This feature is called ‘Link Flap’. ‘Link Flap’ is implemented in 2 ways: ‘Logical Link Flap’ and ‘Physical Link Flap’.

‘Logical link flap’ is implemented by scrambling the Tx PCS encoding to prevent the peer port from
getting a link. I.e. it is not implemented by turning off / on the physical transmitter.
‘Logical Link Flap’ works for both electrical cables (DAC cables) and optical cables.
‘Logical Link Flap’ is configured under the ‘Main Port Config’ – tab as the below picture.

Logical ‘Link Flap’ supports a repetitious pattern, where the link is taken down for a period
(“Duration”) and then brought up again. This is repeated after a configurable time (“Repeat Period”).
The flapping is repeated a configurable number of times or continuously (“Repetitions”).