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Internet Mix Traffic (IMIX) In XenaManager

Internet Mix or IMIX refers to typical internet traffic traversing network equipment such as routers, switches or firewalls. When measuring equipment performance using an IMIX of packets, the performance is assumed to resemble what can be seen in “real-world” conditions.

IMIX configuration is per port. It means each test port can be configured a certain IMIX pattern.

Each port has the same default IMIX configuration. If you want to customize the configuration, you should follow the steps:

  1. Reserve a test port.
  2. Click the port and find Resource Properties > Main Port Config > Main Properties > Payload > MIX Weights, click Set Weights.
  3. Configure the desired IMIX.
  4. You can save the port’s IMIX weight configuration by clicking Save MIX Weights on the top bar.
  5. You can also load a IMIX weight configuration to the port by clicking Load MIX Weights.

To use the configured IMIX to generate packets, you should follow the step:

  1. Create a stream on the port you have configured IMIX weights.
  2. Click the stream and find Resource Properties > Stream Properties > Packet Content > Packet Size Type, and select Mixed Sizes
  3. The stream will generate packet sizes based on the port’s IMIX weight configuration.