Xena Knowledge Base

Available Resources Panel

Testbed Selector

The testbed selector is located at the top of the panel. This functionality is explained in more detail on this page.

Resource Treeview

All available chassis resources are shown in the hierarchical treeview below the testbed selector. Each connected chassis is shown at the top-level with their contained resources below.

The content of certain of the other panels depend on the selection state of the Available Resources panel.

Toolbar Options

The toolbar at the top of the treeview provides quick options for viewing and reserving the resources.

Show Only Used Ports

Toggles between showing all available resources on all connected chassis or only the ports that you have chosen to include in your testbed.

Reserve Used Ports

Reserve all ports that you have included in your current testbed.

Release All My Resources

Releases all resources (chassis, modules and ports) that you may have reserved. This option may only be visible when you click the small down-arrow at the right of the toolbar.

Treeview Columns

The treeview contains the following columns:

Column Explanation
Name The unique name of the resource
Used Indicates whether the resource is used by the current testbed. This column is only valid for testports.
(unnamed) Contains icons representing the current sync (green: SYNC, red: NO SYNC) and traffic state (grey: traffic OFF, yellow: traffic ON) for a testport.
Owner Username of the current owner of the resource, i.e. the user who has currently reserved the resource.

Multiple Selections

It is possible to operate on multiple resources in the treeview using the standard Windows [Shift-Click] or [Ctrl-Click] mouse operations.

Right-click Options

Each resource in the treeview supports a right-click menu, which contains various actions which are valid for the current resource state and type.