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DHCP Client Wizard


If your DUT contains a DHCP server (IPv4) you can use this to quickly assign IP addresses to your test port and/or the streams configured on the port. The addresses must be acquired from the DHCP server prior to starting the traffic.  and will then be stored as part of the port and stream configuration.

At present only IPv4 is supported. Support for IPv6 may be added in the future.

Wizard Operation

Selecting Targets

When you open the wizard you will be presented with the start page shown below. You can now select to acquire addresses for the port itself, the existing streams on the port, or both.


Please note that if you select to acquire addresses for your streams then they must all contain an IPv4 protocol segment. If the wizard detects that this is not the case you must exit the wizard and correct this manually.

Setting SMAC for Streams

To acquire addresses for streams each stream must be configured with a unique SMAC address in the initial Ethernet protocol segment.

On initial launch the wizard will determine if the SMAC addresses for the streams are unique within the scope of the port. If not it will offer to assist you in assigning unique addresses as indicated in the screenshot shown below.


Please note that the wizard will not ensure that the stream SMAC addresses are globally unique. It will only check if the SMAC addresses are unique within the scope of the port on which they reside.

Acquiring Addresses

Once all requirements are satisfied the wizard will start to acquire addresses from the DHCP server. You can follow the progress in the wizard as shown below.

The Counters field at the top show the number of DHCP packet sent and received. The grid below that show a summary of the communication with the DHCP server.