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This page explains how you can manage the various testbeds in a test configuration.

A testbed is a collection of ports that you currently work with. Several XenaManager panels will only show information for ports that are in your current testbed. This includes the port and stream configuration grid panels, and the Global Statistics panel.

Configuration Hierarchy

The top-most configuration entity you work with is the test configuration file. This file contains all information about these items:

  • Connected chassis
  • Testbeds
  • Currently selected testbed

All testbeds thus share the same pool of chassis (and by extension their ports).

In the first generation of the XenaManager the chassis was configured as part of the testbeds. But this has been changed so that chassis definitions and testbeds are defined orthogonally.

Setting the Current Testbed

You can only have one active testbed at a time. The active testbed is selected with the Current Testbed control at the top of the Available Resources panel.

To select a testbed as the current you can either select the radiobutton in the Select column or you can simply doubleclick on the testbed entry.

When you change the selected testbed the content of all the dependent panels (see below) will also change.

Creating a Testbed

You can create a new testbed definition by clicking the Create Testbed button in the ribbon menu at the top of the application. You will then be presented with a window where you can provide a unique name for the new testbed and optionally also provide a longer description.

The description will be shown as a tooltip when you hover with the mouse over the testbed selector.

When you create a new testbed this will automatically be set as the currently selected testbed.

Adding and Removing Testbed Ports 

You can add a port to your currently active testbed by selecting the checkbox in the Used column next to the port name in the Available Resources treeview. You remove a port from your testbed by deselecting the checkbox.

You can also select multiple ports in the treeview, right-click and select the Use Ports menu item. This also works when you want to deselect multiple ports.


You can quickly reserve all ports in your current testbed by clicking the Reserve Used Ports button just below the testbed selector. Note that your reserved testbed ports will not be automatically released when you change your current testbed.

Editing a Testbed

You can edit both the testbed name and the description by clicking the Edit Testbed button in the ribbon menu.

Removing a Testbed

To remove a testbed you need to select the testbed with the testbed selector and then click the Remove Testbed button in the ribbon menu.

You can select multiple testbeds for removal at the same time using either the Remove Testbed button in the ribbon menu or right-click and select Delete Testbed(s) in the pop-up menu.