Vantage Knowledge Base

1. Open VantageUpgrader

You can log in to VantageUpgrader by opening a browser and entering (The IP address is the same as for VantageManager)

The default Username and Password is: admin

2. The installation page lets users upgrade a Vantage chassis with a new SW image from Xena. The user can also install a special release if necessary. It is possible to have multiple releases installed simultaneously, but only one running at a time.

Please follow these steps:

  • Click the button named “Click here to upload and install a new version”
  • Select the image which has been downloaded to your computer
  • Click “Upload application file” to upload the image
  • It will display a list of available versions – find the version you want to upload and click “Install”
  • Stop the old version of Vantage and “Start” the new version.