Vantage Knowledge Base

1. Visit Vantage Chassis Upgrade

It’s all most the same as Vantage Manager, customer could login Vantage Chassis Upgrade with a browser and input (The IP address is the same as the Vantage Manager)

The default username and password is :admin

2. Installation page allow customer upgrade their unit with the Vantage image which from Xena. Of course, customer could stop and start the special release which they want. There are multiple release could be exit in the same time, but there is only one running in the same time. Customer could active the one which they like.

Install step:

a.Click the button which named “Click here to upload and install a new version”

b.Select the image which has been download in your computer

c.Click “Upload application file” to upload the image

d.Then it will return back the version list page, find out the version which you have upload and click “Install”

e.Stop the old version of Vantage and “Start” the new version.