Vantage Knowledge Base

Test Administration

There are four main operations on the home page, they will guide users to enter different management UI pages. Different users will see a different number of operations, based on the user role. If the user whose role only contains “Test” and “Result”, that means they can only access the “Test Now” and “Test Result” pages. The administrator can always change the roles of the users.

Test Now

“Test Now” UI page is the main test page of VantageManager, the user will spend most of their time on this page. On this page, users can add new tests, start/stop tests, check test log and input the Serial number of the DUT and so on.

Test Result

On this UI page, the user can view test results and download their test reports. There are two types of test reports users could download – TEXT/PDF. And the user can check the detailed information of each test result.

Test Configuration

As you know, for different kinds of DUT, we should need different test cases and topology. So you need to define the ports and streams mapping for different test scenes. The user can add a test template on this test UI page, and modify the value of the streams which they have defined.

Vantage allows users to redefine multiple test templates before testing. Once the test template has been defined, the tester just needs to run the test but no need to configure again.


This is the administrator UI page which is only accessible for users assigned with administrator role. In this UI, users can assign ports to different users and could change the roles for different users. Most importantly, you can add new users on this UI page.