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Vantage Chassis Upgrade

Vantage Chassis Upgrade is the web page which used to upgrade the chassis’ release. You can also change the IP address of the chassis here.

Visit Vantage Chassis Upgrade

Very similarly to VantageManager, you login to Vantage Chassis Upgrade with a browser and input (The same IP address as for Vantage Manager)


On this page you can upgrade your unit with the Vantage image from Xena. Naturally, you can pick whichever release you would like. It is possible to install multiple versions, however only one can run at a time.

Install steps:

1. Click the button “Click here to upload and install a new version”

2. Select the image which has been downloaded to your computer

3. Click “Upload application file” to load the image

4. It will return to the version list page. Identify the version which you have loaded and click “Install”

5. Stop the old version of Vantage and “Start” the new version.

How to change the chassis IP address

Change the chassis settings on the Settings page. Change network settings for the chassis. The chassis will automatically reboot after the changes have been saved.

Chassis hostname The device name of the chassis
Use DHCP Once you enable this feature, the chassis will send the DHCP required for the network and get the IP address from the DHCP server. Please ensure that the DHCP server works.
IP address The IP address of the chassis, you could change it manually.
Network mask The mask of the Chassis manager interface.
Gateway The gateway of the manager port. You should set it if you change the subnet of chassis IP address.

Note:  Don’t forget to Save settings and restart chassis to apply the values.