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Manage Your Vulcan Licenses

Vulcan License Management

From Release 78.0, Vulcan begins to support Xena Software Licensing System.

To install the latest Vulcan, you should:

  1. Download latest Vulcan
  2. Install the .msi on your Windows PC.
  3. Run L47XenaChassisUpgrader afterward.
  4. Upgrade your Vulcan chassis and restart it.
  5. Launch VulcanManager
  6. Click Module 1 ‘Xena L47 Module’ and verify the Firmware Version is 3.0.0 or above.

Log in to view your Vulcan licenses

  1. Reserve the chassis in VulcanManager
  2. Click License Handling in License Information.
  3. Your browser should automatically launch and show:
  4. Enter the password of your chassis (default “xena”), and click Logon
  5. You should be able to see your licenses. If not, you should update your licenses.

Update Your Vulcan Licenses

Online Mode

  1. If your chassis has internet access, click Switch to Online Mode
  2. Click Update License after logging in to the license management page. The chassis will automatically connect to Xena’s online license server and fetch its licenses.

Offline Mode

  1. If your chassis doesn’t have internet access, click Switch to Offline Mode
  2. Upload the license file you received from Xena. (To get your license file, please contact Xena, and remember to include the S/N of your chassis in the email)

Once your Vulcan chassis has fetched the licenses (either through online or offline mode), you will be able to see them.

If you are still unable to see your Vulcan licenses, please contact us here