Vulcan Knowledge Base

Test Case Configuration

You can create multiple test scenario in one test case. Each test scenario can be configured differently, i.e. subnet, port, number of users, and line rate utilization. Click the checkbox Active to enable/disable a test scenario.

To assign bandwidth among test scenarios, use the two columns Client TX Weight and Sever TX Weight. Bandwidth is evenly distributed among test scenarios that use the same physical test port. In order to prevent the value from changing after you modifying it, click the lock icon to lock the value.

Run Test Case: Test Control

Click Run Test->Test Control->Run to run your test case.

Click Run Test->Test Control->Run to run your test case.

Click Run Test->Test Control->Stop to stop your test case.

Click Run Test->Test Control->Reset to clear counters and reset your test case so that you are ready for another test run.

Realtime Statistics Chart

Click Run Test->Realtime Statistics->Charts and select charts from the dialog window Add Realitime Chart.

Generate Report

Go to Reporting tab, and you will see the Statistics Explorer. All statistics gathered by VulcanManager are shown in this tree.

Click the box beside each statistic to include into the report. Then click Create PDF in the ribbon to generate a PDF report.

To save all statistics into a SQLite database file for post data analysis, click Save Statistics DB.