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Test with TLS

Xena adds TLS feature in Release 75.0 with native TLS implementation supporting TLS 1.2 standard.

Like OSI model, TLS is considered as a layer in the scenario tree. When creating a scenario, you should choose whether or not to include TLS as a layer above TCP. Once you choose TLS, it will appear as shown below:

Record Size

You can define the TLS record size (outgoing record size) in the SSL Record Size field. The maximum record size is 16 KB (16384 bytes).


You can choose server certificates of different key sizes in SSL Certificate from 1K to 8K. To export the certificate to your PC, click Export.

Cipher Suite Collection

Both client and server sides have a list of preferred cipher suite that is used during the TLS handshake phase. To edit the cipher suite list, click Edit.

TLS Close Notify

You can enable the TLS client to send CLOST NOTIFY message to indicate the end of SSL data transmission. To do so, check the Send Close Notify box.