Xena Hardware Warranty

We offer 36 months HW warranty on our equipment.

Under the warranty, Xena will repair free of charge any hardware that has been reported to be defective within the 12-month period after purchase. The procedure is simple.

1. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following information:

  • model number of hardware
  • the hardware serial number (the chassis S/N is printed on a sticker on the back of the unit, while test module serial numbers are located on either the top or bottom edge of the PCB),
  • a detailed problem description (the more info the better),
  • your name, shipping address and contact details


2. Our support team will try to troubleshoot the unit. If we agree the problem requires an RMA, please submit this RMA form.

We will then send you the paperwork (proforma invoices, shipping documents) needed to have the unit returned for repairs.

If necessary, we will also provide a replacement unit for the intervening period.


Extended Warranty Agreement

Xena also offers extended warranties for all Xena products, for a fee. The extended warranty provides an additional 12-month coverage with the same terms and conditions as the initial warranty, and it is purchased per individual product.

Please note that hardware warranty must be continuous – i.e. if your warranty has expired, you will be required to pay for the intervening period.

Request more details from your local partner, or from Xena Networks.

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