400GE FEC Measurements

Interoperability a critical requirement in performance testing of 400GE solutions

A key player in the Chinese telecommunications industry needed a 400GE traffic generation and analysis solution for performance testing of new standards and technology.

Critical requirements for the solution was the capability to do FEC measurements, and it needed to be compatible with 400GE transceivers from major vendors. Ease of use and
price/performance were also important considerations.

Seven-speed Thor 400GE Test Module

Competing against various solutions from market leaders in a public tender process, the state-run lab finally chose Xena’s XenaBay chassis with two Thor 400GE test modules.

The Z400q Thor test modules are capable of generating full line rate 400GE traffic, while FEC measurements are easy to do using the XenaManager software. In addition to 400GE, Z400q Thor can also generate 200GE, 100GE, 50GE, 40GE, 25GE and 10GE traffic.

Finally, they have also been tested for interoperability with many of the major transceiver vendors at, for example, the 400G Plugfest conducted by the University of New Hampshire’s Interoperability Lab.

official stamp of approval

“This was an important strategic win for Xena,” explains Owen Chen, Xena’s Sales Director in APAC. “Given the customer’s role in China’s telecommunications industry, this will influence subsequent sales of other Xena, Vulcan and Chimera.”

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