Testing FPGAs & NICs

Indian ODM chooses 100GE Valkyrie solution to test FGPAs and NICs

A leading ODM specializing in FPGAs and NICs had a large R&D facility in India. Acting on the recommendation of a US-based FPGA partner, they requested an evaluation of Xena’s Valkyrie platform to test their FPGAs at 100GE. This testing required multiple stream generation capabilities and RFC2544 testing.

Cost-effective Multi-speed testing and RFC2544

They were shown a Valkyrie solution consisting of a ValkyrieCompact with a Loki-100G-5S-1P test module. They were immediately attracted by the option of testing 5 speeds – 10/25/40/50/100GE – on the same port on the same port as this made the Xena solution very cost effective. The option for RFC2544 testing is included in the Valkyrie software package.

Valkyrie2544 is a standalone application that supports the 4 test-types specified in RFC2544. There are extensive configuration options, support for single stream and multi-stream testing and it is easy to define protocol layers supported by the test (Ethernet, Customer and Service VLANs, IP and UDP) as needed.

Now looking at Vulcan for stateful traffic analysis

Satisfied with their Valkyrie system, they are now evaluating if Vulcan can fulfill their requirements for a stateful traffic generator and analysis solution.

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