QA Testing PON Devices

Vantage chosen for Quality Assurance testing of 1GE PON devices during production

A major equipment manufacturer in China’s digital information and TV industry needed a production line test solution for Quality Assurance (QA) of 1GE PON devices. The solution needed to support long tests – up to 72 hours – as well as production tests taking just 10 seconds.

Having experienced reliability issues with their previous solution, the manufacturer needed a production line tester that generated consistently accurate results. Finally, a key requirement was that the new tester be easy to integrate with an existing MES system.

Simple UI & track record for reliability point to Vantage

After a rigorous evaluation process, the manufacturer selected Xena’s Vantage platform – a 4U VantageBay chassis equipped with 36 1GE test ports. Key factors in this decision was that Vantage is based on Xena’s tried and tested Valkyrie platform. Valkyrie has been on the market for over 10 years and with hundreds of customers worldwide, meant the manufacturer felt confident choosing the production line version. Vantage also offers an ultra-simple point-and-click UI – called VantageManager – which means zero training for factory floor employees. Plus the solution is very competitively priced.

Fast and reliable QA results

Vantage quickly proved its worth, running for over a week at the QA division with no errors or crashes while doing sampling testing, and age tests. It was subsequently deployed in the production environment for the PON devices and configured to enter test results into the manufacturer’s MES system.

In addition to helping the manufacturer rigorously check the quality of its PON devices, Vantage was also 2-3 seconds quicker per test than the previous solution which ultimately meant cost savings for the manufacturer.

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