Testing GPON at 1GE and 10GE

Xena chosen to test new GPON services and devices in India

To meet the ever-increasing demand for high-speed symmetrical Internet access and triple-play services to businesses and subscribers, the introduction of GPON technology in India was pioneered by a high-profile government R&D institute.

Technical expertise, ease of use and pricing

Seeking a cost-effective solution to validate the 1G and 10G capabilities of the GPON devices, the institute offered an open tender in which multiple parties participated. After rigorous evaluation of performance, usability, standards-compliancy and reliability, they selected the solution recommended by Xena India based on multiple XenaBay chassis equipped with 1GE and 10GE test modules.

The primary reasons for choosing the Xena traffic generation and analysis platform was that it satisfied the technical requirements, the GUI was simple and easy to learn, and the solution was very competitively priced.

GPON delivers triple-play services to Indian subscribers

The government institute has now launched GPON services in India with downstream data rates of 2.5Gbps and upstream data rates of 1.25Gbps on a single fiber over distances of up to 60km. They also provide a range of OLT and ONT devices for deploying these services out to subscribers.

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