Testing NPB & TAPs

Valkyrie chosen to test Network Packet Brokers and TAP Solutions

A manufacturer in India specializing in Network Packet Brokers and Network TAP solutions was dissatisfied with the stateless traffic generation and analysis solution they were using. It was expensive and the level of support was inadequate.

Valkyrie delivers performance and value

Xena India were invited to demonstrate how Valkyrie could meet the manufacturer’s needs for generating 40GE, 10GE and 1GE traffic.

Testing NPBs and TAPs requires segmenting incoming network traffic before it reaches e.g. security, application performance monitoring, or network forensic tools.  These capabilities are an integral part of ValkyrieManager’s feature set, which makes it easy for users to quickly define multiple streams of traffic each with its own specific profile to analyze how the DUT responds.

The manufacturer was quickly convinced that Valkyrie had the features required and were impressed by its ease-of-use. The deciding factor was Xena’s value-add package where all the software – as well as 3 years’ SW upgrades and 3 years’ HW warranty – is included free of charge, together with free tech support and training for the lifetime of the product.  This made Valkyrie a very cost-effective solution.

Cost-effective Scalability

The manufacturer has returned on multiple occasions to purchase additional test modules.

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