Network Impairment Emulation

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About Chimera

Chimera represents great value with these top features:

  • True wire-speed impairment @ 100Gbps (plus 50 / 40 /25 & 10Gbps)
  • Ease of use – Chimera is a stand-alone impairment tool that integrates seamlessly with Xena’s Valkyrie traffic generator, letting you speeds up your work flow by using the same SW to both generate and impair Ethernet traffic.
  • Highest port density in the industry – plus you can reserve individual port-pairs without blocking access to the others
  • Setting up custom impairment distributions is a breeze
  • Chimera supports a broad range of impairments (latency/jitter, packet & port impairments, flexible distributions, BW shaping etc)
  • Powerful, easy-to-use automation & scripting options
  • A price point 50% below comparable hardware emulators

Chimera makes it easy to emulate network impairment, making it a cost-effective and convenient solution for:

  • Benchmarking
  • Stress testing/ Negative testing
  • “What-if” testing
  • Regression testing

Used to emulate

Latency and jitter in Ethernet traffic

at 10GE, 25GE, 40GE, 50GE and 100GE

NEW White Paper

5G Fronthaul Network Testing Considerations

This White Paper explains why Ethernet impairment testing is crucial in deploying 5G fronthaul networks, and highlights the protocols that need particular attention when optimizing your equipment or application performance in 5G fronthaul networks.

System diagram

Chimera can function as a standalone traffic impairment emulator. Or it can be installed in a Valkyrie chassis to seamlessly add impairment to traffic (up to 100GE) being generated by the other Valkyrie test modules.


When a Chimera test module is installed in a ValkyrieBay chassis, ValkyrieManager detects its presence and makes the Chimera’s software options available for adding impairment. This makes it very easy for test engineers to emulate impairment via the same GUI they use for generating the stateless Ethernet traffic.

Chimera impairment flows

This diagram illustrates how the Chimera test module emulates impairment. Incoming traffic enters a flow filter and different types of impairment are then added (as defined in the UI), with each traffic flow being processed in a prioritized order.

Two hardware options

Both options below support impairment emulation at all rates from 10GE to 100GE via a single Chimera test module.

TEST MODULE (Chi-100G-5S-2P)

Chimera is currently available as a 2-slot test module for a ValkyrieBay chassis, the Val-C12-2400G, where ValkyrieManager is used to emulate impairment as part of it standard user-interface.


ChimeraCompact is a standalone version of Chimera where the test module is installed in a quiet desktop-sized chassis.

Latest Features


New features
Release 4 includes support for these new impairment distributions:

  • Fixed Rate
  • Gamma
  • Poisson
  • Step
  • Custom

We’ve also made it easier to create highly customized impairment distributions with just a few mouse-clicks:

Extended timing mode: Increased “Reduced Bandwidth” max. latency = 10 sec. (CLI only)

Frame corruption:

  • IP checksum
  • UDP checksum
  • TCP checksum

Added support for selecting L1 / L2 policing and shaping.

See full Release Notes.


Chimera’s SW is bundled together with ValkyrieManager. To download the full package, click the link above. You will be taken to our Support site where you will need to login (or register to do so) before you can download the software.

If you simply want to try Chimera, its quicker and easier to use Chimera on Xena’s live demo system.


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New White Paper
5G Fronthaul Network Testing Considerations

New White Paper: 5G Fronthaul Network Testing Considerations

  • white paper
  • download

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