Xena Networks

Test. Improve. Repeat.

Xena Networks is an emerging leader in the Ethernet industry, committed to helping companies accelerate the development, production and deployment of new Ethernet products and services faster and more efficiently.

We do this by offering advanced easy-to-use Ethernet test solutions that add value all the way from the R&D and Q&A labs to when components leaves a production site.

Test. Improve. Repeat.

Our tagline embodies our philosophy that solving any problem starts by measuring where you are now – and then using that baseline measurement to see if you are moving closer to your goal.

Our Vision

Ethernet is the de facto technology for internet and data center networking, and is now finding broad new areas of applications in cellular networks, cars, and industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT). These global megatrends are driving Xena’s vision for Ethernet networking technology testing.

The Internet is evolving

Social networking, e-commerce, and video streaming are an integral part of everyday life. Big data, cloud services, artificial intelligence, new media, and augmented reality are accelerating an unprecedented explosion of data and traffic, driving the continuous adoption of faster Ethernet networking speeds across internet, data center, and 5G cellular networks. This is creating an unprecedented demand for performance testing and simulation of high-capacity Ethernet networks and components.

The transportation industry is evolving

Cars and aircraft are morphing into autonomous mobile data centers featuring sophisticated bandwidth-hungry applications that improve safety, fuel consumption, while delivering a great experience for both drivers and passengers. This places huge demands on manufacturers to ensure the best possible Quality of Service (QoS) and reliability, which is driving demand for rigorous and automated testing of in-transportation Ethernet networks and components.

The Industrial IoT (IIoT) industry is evolving

Ethernet networking technology is already commonplace in production environments ranging from industrial factories, automotive plants, and electronics and high-tech manufacturing facilities. This new phase in the manufacturing era is commonly referred to as “Industry 4.0”, with focus on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data. Building these futuristic smart manufacturing ecosystems requires extreme networking determinism and reliability, which in turn demands in-depth precision testing of industrial Ethernet networks and components.

Xena’s vision is to build the world’s best Ethernet test solution – a solution capable of meeting the rigorous demands and richly diverse needs of both existing customers and all the new companies seeking to benefit from the advantages of using ubiquitous Ethernet technology.

Our Business

Xena’s customer base comprises network equipment and semiconductor manufacturers, government and defense contractors, automotive manufacturers, 5G service providers, electronic contract manufacturers, large enterprises, and data center operators. strives to develop the world’s best Ethernet T&M tools for performance and functional testing in R&D, Q&A, and manufacturing environments.

We currently offer five product lines:

  • Valkyrie for high-speed Ethernet stateless traffic generation and analysis
  • Vulcan for high-speed Ethernet stateful traffic generation and analysis
  • Chimera for high-speed Ethernet emulation of network impairments
  • Vantage for production testing of Ethernet-based components
  • Safire, the world’s first “no-fuss” enterprise firewall performance tester

Founded in Denmark in 2007, Xena has sales offices around the world and markets its solutions through a global network of partners, winning multiple international awards for ease of use, responsiveness to customer needs and disruptive pricing policies.