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Everything that can be done using the XenaManager can also be done through scripting, and in a nearly identical fashion. (Please keep this in mind even though most of the examples use the XenaManager for illustration.)

The commands are simple lines of text exchanged between a client and the Xena chassis. An example command to the chassis could be:

0/5 PS_RATEPPS [3] 500000

This goes to module 0, port 5, and sets stream 3’s rate to 500000 packets per second. The chassis responds with:


You would query for the current value this way:

0/5 PS_RATEPPS [3] ?

And the chassis would respond in exactly the same way that you set the value yourself:

0/5 PS_RATEPPS [3] 500000

Note that this is exactly the same syntax used when saving and loading port configurations to files on the client PC. This lets you use saved configurations as a starting point for scripting, and it also allows you to modify the saved files before loading them back into the chassis.