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By Tata Elxsi

Tata Elxsi has partnered with Xena Networks to offer end to end test solution for Automotive ethernet-based ECUs using their Valkyrie solution with our test automation framework, AutomaTE,

Watch this webinar to learn how compliance testing of Automotive ECUs are performed using AutomaTE as a framework and Xena Valkyrie hardware and Valkyrie manager for Ethernet Layer 2 testing which helps in reducing time-to-market by minimizing test cycles and improving quality and efficiency.


By Neox Networks

Testing devices that handle vast amounts of stateful traffic. Vulcan has the unique ability to do this using realistic traffic profiles. Neox Networks demonstrates how.


By Techteal Engineering

ValkyrieCompact is a pre configured Ethernet Layer 2-3 Stateless Traffic Generator and Analyzer from Xena Networks, making it a very good choice for test labs. The ValkyrieCompact test chassis is a lightweight 1U unit that can hold any of Xena’s complete range of copper and optical Gigabit Ethernet modules with speed ranging from 10 Mbps up to 100 Gbps. More information: and

Valkyrie Videos

Stateless traffic generation and analysis up to 400Gbps

ValkyrieManager Demo

Demonstration of ValkyrieManager, Xena’s flagship stateless Ethernet traffic generation & analysis platform. The first 2 minutes provide a short overview of the product. The demo starts afterward.

You can try this yourself right now using Xena’s live demo system.

9 min. 46 secs

Shows step-by-step how to test RFC2544 using Valkyrie2544.

In this video we connect to Xena’s live demo system and quickly configure and run a RFC2544 test using Valkyrie2544, which is a free app bundled together with ValkyrieManager.

You can try this yourself right now using Xena’s live demo system.

2 min. 35 secs

How to import a port configuration file to see how Valkyrie works on Xena’s live demo system.

This video shows how to import a port configuration file (saved as a .txt file) to instantly create several streams of traffic so you can explore Valkyrie’s comprehensive feature set.

You can try this yourself right now using Xena’s live demo system.

3 min. 34 secs

How to view PAM4 400GE FEC errors in ValkyrieManager

Watch how quick and easy it is to view PAM4 400GE FEC errors using ValkyrieManager on Xena’s “live demo” system.

You can try this yourself right now using Xena’s live demo system.

1 min. 51 secs

Chimera Videos

See how easy Ethernet impairment emulation can be

A step-by-step guide to how Chimera works using Xena’s live demo system.

This Chimera video covers:
1. Downloading & installing the Chimera software
2. Connecting to Xena’s live demo system
3. Configuring the Chimera & Loki test modules,
4. Creating traffic streams and mapping the streams to flows, and
5. Adding impairments to the individual flows.

You can try this yourself right now.

7 min. 54 secs

How to add some basic types of latency and jitter to Ethernet traffic using Chimera.

This video shows you how to add:
– Constant latency
– Step function
– Uniform jitter
– Gaussian jitter

8 min. 30 secs

How to control bandwidth using Chimera.

Shows you how to use Chimera to limit the bandwidth of Ethernet packet flows passing through a device, using the policers and shapers of the impairment pipeline.

8 min. 31 secs

How to filter flows using Chimera.

Shows how Chimera flow filters are used to map incoming packets to up to 8 different flows per port. Each flow can then be independently impaired.

11 min. 20 secs

Safire Videos

The world’s #1 Firewall Performance Tester

How to compare Safire test reports

(5:22) A key feature of Safire is the test result analyzer which compares the results of selected tests.

This is a great way to get an instant overview of key parameters derived from multiple tests.

How to configure custom traffic profiles

(4:35) How to configure and customize traffic profiles in Safire so they accurately match a specific organization.

How to set up test cases

(7:17) How to configure & run Safire test cases, and analyze the performance results of an enterprise firewall.

How to define the firewall you want to test

(3:28) How to define a new “firewall-under-test” for Safire to test.

How to use the “Auto Traffic Profiler” feature

(5:40) Safire’s “Auto Traffic Profiler” feature uses firewall log files to very precisely recreate the same type of of traffic when measuring the performance of the firewall for maximum accuracy.

How to buy & assign licenses

(3:58) How to use the Xena License Portal to buy and assign licenses for Safire, Xena’s enterprise firewall performance tester.