Discover Xena




“Discover Xena” is a virtual open house – a chance for you and the rest of the world to get to know us better. There are three reasons we decided to hold this event:

1. We want to better understand what our customers need. What they like – or don’t like – about our products. That takes time, and the chance to speak face-to-face – even if its via a screen.

2. Xena’s been around for over a decade, we’re a top 3 provider of Ethernet traffic generators, and have won a slew of international awards. With the market for Ethernet-based solutions expanding rapidly, we want to help customers understand  how we’re different from our competitors.

3. Our vision is clear – we want to build the world’s best Ethernet test solution! Right now we have some great Ethernet traffic generation and analysis solutions but the global networking infrastructure is evolving rapidly and in a few years’ time we aim to be right out front with a solution that can handle the virtualized, 5G-enabled, TSN-ready, Industrial 4.0 IoT future that our customers are building right now.



PRESENTER: Jacob Nielsen, CEO & Bill Mortimer, Board Member

The opening address to “Discover Xena” will give you a snapshot of an exciting industry that’s rapidly expanding and a short preview of where Xena is looking forward to making its presence felt during the next few years.

Jacob Nelsen, the founder and CEO of Xena Networks, will be joined by Bill Mortimer who has held senior executive positions with some of the biggest companies in the telecommunications industry including Spirent, JDSU, Hewlett Packard & Agilent.


15.00 CET

(6.00 West Coast USA / 9 .00 East Coast USA / 14.00 UK / 18.30 Mumbai / 21.00 Hong Kong)

Jacob Nielsen, CEO

David J. Rodgers, Teledyne LeCroy

Sr. Program Manager-SAN and Ethernet Analysis Tools at Teledyne LeCroy.


PRESENTER: David J. Rodgers, Teledyne LeCroy

We’re Ethernet nerds and fascinated by the “next big thing” – which right now is how to make the jump to 800Gbps / 1.6Tbps.

So we invited David J. Rodgers to lead a discussion on the next hop in speed for Ethernet and what it means for the engineers who need to build the equipment needed to make it a reality.

David has extensive experience defining, designing, and deploying USB, IEEE1394, Storage Area Network, PCIe, and additional serial connectivity solutions across a broad range of products and vertical markets. He is also a Board Member of the Ethernet Alliance and the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA).


16.00 CET

(7.00 West Coast USA / 10 .00 East Coast USA / 15.00 UK / 19.30 Mumbai / 22.00 Hong Kong)


PRESENTER: Yoram Shamir, Software Expert for Automation & Infrastructure

Test automation has evolved far beyond engineers manually running ad-hoc scripts.

Satisfying the requirements of today’s advanced development standards requires automation frameworks that support complex test scenarios run by Continuous Integration (CI) tools over sophisticated setups provided by Lab-as-a-Service (LaaS) engines, producing daily reports.

Achieving this means approaching automation as a full blown software project.

In this presentation Yoram will present actual case studies to explain:
– the difference between “automation scripts” and “automation frameworks”
– why building a framework makes sense
– how to use Xena’s APIs to integrate their chassis into an automation framework


17.00 CET

(8.00 West Coast USA / 11.00 East Coast USA / 16.00 UK / 20.30 Mumbai / 23.00 Hong Kong)

Yoram Shamir

Founder of Ignis Soft

Kevin Tolly

Kevin Tolly

Founder of Tolly Group, which works with leading-edge vendors to provide crucial third-party validation of their product claims.

SD-WAN BENCHMARKING – The “Why” and the “How”

PRESENTER: Kevin Tolly, Founder & CEO of Tolly Group

SD-WANs are the future of business networking and are relevant to service providers, enterprises and even small-medium businesses. SD-WANs are built of a combination of LAN switching and WAN routing hardware with a sophisticated software overlay. They are proprietary by nature – no two SD-WANs will perform the same way. Thus, it is essential they SD-WANs be benchmarked.

Fortunately, knowledge that you’ve built up benchmarking enterprise and SP networks can, and should, be readily applied to SD-WANs. Switch benchmarking can be used to determine the raw processing capabilities of SD-WAN nodes. Impairment testing can be used to determine the effectiveness of remediation capabilities. Firewall testing can be used to determine the impact of SASE security capabilities on overall performance.

In this presentation, Kevin will provide guidance on essential benchmarking for today’s growing SD-WAN environment.


18.00 CET

(9.00 West Coast USA / 12 noon East Coast USA / 17.00 UK / 21.30 Mumbai / Midnight Hong Kong)



3 pm CET / 10 am ET

Welcome to Xena

Jacob Nielsen, Xena Networks CEO

Bill Mortimer, Xena networks Board Member

4 pm CET / 11 am ET

Ready to Test Terabit Ethernet?

David J. Rodgers

Sr. Program Manager-SAN and Ethernet Analysis Tools at Teledyne LeCroy.

5 pm CET / 12 am ET

Continuous Integration & Test Automation

Yoram Shamir

Founder of Ignis Soft

6 pm CET / 1 pm ET

SD-WAN Benchmarking – The “Why” and the “How”

Kevin Tolly

Founder & CEO of Tolly Group



Discover why Valkyrie is probably the world’s best Ethernet traffic generation & analysis solutions. Join a guided tour and see the features our customers love (and our competitors’ envy).


Emulating latency and jitter in the lab is essential when developing time-sensitive solutions. See how Chimera, Xena’s award-winning 100GE impairment emulation solution can help.

Automotive Ethernet

Xena has just released dedicated solutions for testing Automotive Ethernet. Watch this session for a guided tour.


The R&D lab & the assembly line are 2 very different test environments. Vantage is a rugged test solution with an ultra-simple UI for use in factories.


Testing devices that handle vast amounts of stateful traffic. Vulcan has the unique ability to do this using realistic traffic profiles – see how!


Next-gen enterprise firewalls have lots of impressive security features. Turning them on, however, impacts firewall performance. Safire makes it easy and inexpensive to balance network security & business performance.