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Released: 24 November, 2017

NOTE: Release 75 is the first Xena release that splits Layer 2-3 and Layer 4-7 into separate .msi files. Both contains ALL the server chassis upgrade files for Xena’s L2-3 and L4-7 products, and is for customers upgrading to the latest version. If you ONLY want to use Xena’s Live Demo System, please see this page.

Release 75 Highlights:

Layer 2-3: There are no new features in Release 75 for Layer 2-3 compared to to Release 74.2.
Read what’s new in L2-3 Release 75.

Layer 4-7: XenaConnect supports TLS, and Release 75.1 includes critical bug fixes.
Read what’s new in L4-7 Release 75.1.

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