Easily test RFC2544 with dedicated software Valkyrie2544

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Watch this 3-minute video to learn how to test RFC2544 with Valkyrie

Valkyrie2544 makes it easy to:
– Perform all #RFC2544 tests over #VLANs and IPv4 & IPv6 protocols
– Test with jumbo frames and verify low-latency and wire-rate
– Large port count and full mesh tests, uni-directional or bi-directional testing
– Easy point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-point testing
– Supports both single stream and multi-stream testing
– Reduce time-to-test through easy configuration and fast execution
– Summary and comprehensive detailed results
– Support for both standard and fully user defined test configuration

Watch the full demo (less than 3min): https://okt.to/BPaqwS
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