OpenRAN Services & Platforms PlugFest Fall 2022

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Come and meet Fahad Abbasi in Berlin (Oct 24 - Nov 4) and discover how leading ORAN vendors & CSPs are using Chimera, Xena's network impairment emulator, to successfully test Open RAN devices.

Xena will be attending to OpenRAN Services & Platforms PlugFest Fall 2022



The i14y Lab pre-announces its upcoming Open RAN PlugFest, that will be part of the O-RAN ALLIANCE Global PlugFest Fall 2022. This activity is supported by Deutsche Telekom, EANTC and Vodafone. The testing in Berlin will be closely aligned with other European hosts of the expected joint Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and O-RAN ALLIANCE (O-RAN) PlugFest.

During the event, participating vendors will get the opportunity to validate the market readiness of their individual solutions, and to explore multi-vendor interoperability.


Xena will be presenting Chimera

Chimera is a network impairment emulator that makes it easy to introduce consistent, accurate, well-defined and repeatable impairments (e.g. packet manipulation, packet drop, latency and jitter) to traffic between DUTs in the lab. All rates from 10GE to 100GE are supported by a single 2-slot test module.

The tests will be based on O-RAN and TIP test specifications. We will take technical priorities provided by the OpenRAN MoU Group of European service providers into account as well.


Multiple test tools and partially automated test execution

All tests will be executed in a vendor-neutral environment with multiple test tools and partially automated test execution.

The PlugFest will be based on O-RAN and TIP test specifications and plans customized for this session. The specific list of applicable tests and low-level steps will be selected together with interested participants in preparation of the PlugFest.

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