Why Performance Test Your Enterprise Firewall?

Next-generation enterprise firewalls are a cost-effective and convenient way of consolidating anti-virus, Intrusion Prevention and SSL Decryption in one security device.

However, switching on any of these features can impact latency and throughput in different ways – while diminishing malware blocking. Factor in the extra strain on your firewall caused by many more staff working from home & suddenly addressing the performance vs. risk debate becomes a critical priority.

Watch this webinar if you want to learn answers to topical questions like:

– How will your firewall cope when more staff work from home?
– What happens to network performance when inspecting new app traffic?
– How can you ensure firewall software updates go as planned?
– What is the performance delta when switching from physical to virtual firewall?

Who Should Watch

This is a must-watch webinar for network, security, infrastructure and application teams striving to optimize the balance between firewall security and the user experience.

Webinar Speaker

The main presenter is Hao Yu, Safire Product Manager at Xena Networks. Hao specializes in analyzing the performance and life-cycle of Enterprise/Next-Gen Firewalls to help organizations find the right firewall for their needs while continuously optimizing its effectiveness and longevity.

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