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GPON White Paper - Xena Networks White Paper

GPON White Paper

Numerous communication services and applications have emerged over the recent decades. This makes broadband internet access essential for citizens in big cities and in rural areas, creating an increasing need for digital communication bandwidth.

Network operators have deployed a number of solutions to provide communication services to their customers. Various DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) solutions for the access network from Central Office to the customer premises have proven to be sufficient in some cases where the distance is limited.

FTTx (Fiber To The “something”) is another access network solution, which can be used over longer distances. FTTx provides digital communication over optical fibers either all the way to the customer premises or to a place close to the customer combined with a DSL solution covering the last part of the way. FTTx networks are typically implemented as Passive Optical Networks (PONs), which brings digital communication to a number of end customers through optical fibers.

ITU-T has defined the Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (GPON) to support digital communication to end customers at rates up to 2.4 Gbps downstream and 1.2 Gbps (optionally 2.4 Gbps) upstream.

A GPON requires active transmission equipment at its borders, and this equipment will of course need to be tested. Verification of interoperability and conformance of the equipment is essential. Therefore, the Broadband Forum has defined the TR-255 GPON Interoperability Test Plan and the TR-247/ATP-247 Abstract Test Plan for GPON ONU Conformance (the ONU (Optical Network Unit) is the GPON transmission equipment closest to the customer premises).  The Xena Odin-1G-3S-6P 6-port 1Gbps test module provides powerful testing capabilities to test and verify GPON transmission equipment including mandatory interoperability and conformance test cases in accordance with TR-255 and TR-247/ATP-247. The ValkyrieBay or ValkyrieCompact chassis equipped with Xena Odin-1G-3S-6P gives the user an easy to use, efficient test solution, which is able to handle complex scenarios without breaking the budget.

GPON White Paper – CONTENT

  • GPON Standardization
  • VLAN and IGMP
  • Other PON Systems
  • GPON Test requirements
  • GPON Equipment
  • Xena Networks GPON Test Solutions
  • Testing up to Layer 3
  • Test Automation