Valkyrie L2-3 SW Downloads

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Below you can register to download the FULL server chassis software packages for Xena’s Valkyrie products. These are for customers upgrading to the latest version. If you ONLY want to use Xena’s Live Demo System, please see this page.

Highlights of Release 79.3:

  • Support for 4x100G PAM4 on QSFP-DD (instead of 2x100G on QSFP56). Note that 2 filters and 2 modifiers are supported for 4x50G PAM4
  • R79.3 also supports KP FEC statistics on 4x100G and 4x50G PAM4.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue, which could cause I2C communication with some transceivers to fail, resulting in wrong type detection etc.
  • Fixed RX linkup stability issue for Thor, where links would sometimes not recover after a link disruption or after a speed-mode change (e.g. from 1x400G->2x200G).

** IMPORTANT: Please read these instructions for upgrading to Release 79.2 and later.

Read what’s new in Valkyrie Release 79.3.

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