Latency & Jitter White Paper

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Latency & Jitter White Paper

Latency and jitter are key parameters when benchmarking network or device performance.

Different applications respond differently to latency and jitter. VoIP services are much more sensitive to delays within the device and packet delay variations compared to data transfer.

As Quality of Service (QoS) key metrics, latency and jitter are often considered the basic benchmark indicators by network administrators, operators, and engineers. However the definition of these terms can vary according to the RFC standard.

This White Paper clarifies terms such as latency, jitter, inter-frame gap, latency resolution, speed mismatch, latency over time, and distribution. It presents how Xena interprets and implements time measurements, and explains how to test latency testing using Xena’s traffic generation solutions.

Latency & Jitter White Paper – CONTENT


  • Last-to-First Latency Measurement for Store-and-Forward Devices
  • First-to-First Latency Measurement for Cut-Through Devices
  • Last-to-Last Latency Measurement for Layer 3 Packet
  • First-to-Last Latency Measurement of Frame Insertion Time. 6


  • Xena Jitter Measurement
  • MEF 10 Compliance
  • IFG Histogram and Jitter Analysis
  • Latency and Jitter Over Time
  • Latency and Jitter Distribution and Histograms
  • Latency Measurement Resolution
  • Speed Mismatch
  • Accurate Latency Measurement