New Global Accolade to Xena

Xena wins 2016 Global High Speed Ethernet Test Equipment Customer Value Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan.


COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, April 26, 2016 — Following a rigorous evaluation, Frost & Sullivan has once again named Xena Networks as the global price/performance leader in high-speed Ethernet test equipment.

“Xena Networks offers customers the best value for money with high-performance Gigabit Ethernet test solutions that make it easy for NEMs and network service providers to quickly and comprehensively evaluate network performance,” says Olga Yashkova, Program Manager at Frost & Sullivan.

Xena’s offers a wide selection of L2-7 Gigabit Ethernet test solutions suitable for a broad spectrum of network appliances. For Layer 2-3 this includes taps, switches, routers, NICs, packet-brokers, backhaul platforms, residential gateways, while for Layer 4-7 it includes switches, load-balancers, proxies, firewalls, and bandwidth shapers, amongst others. The company’s unique product portfolio covers both hardware and software for L2-3 where all speeds are supported from 100G, 40G, 10G and 1G as well as legacy 100/1000Mbps, via a range of interfaces. Xena also offers a high-performance L4-7 test platform that makes it easy for customers to monitor and evaluate the capabilities of networks’ TCP.

“Compared to existing complex and costly Ethernet testing solutions in the market, Xena guarantees customers exceptional convenience in generating real-world network scenarios, while providing robust performance analysis and security measurement,” explains Xena CEO, Jacob Nielsen. “Delivering this at an unprecedented price/performance point is the strategy we have chosen to realize our goal of being a global leader in Gigabit Ethernet Test & Measurement market.”

This award is the fifth global prize that Frost & Sullivan has offered Xena since 2010.

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