New WP: AN/LT Testing for 112G SerDes

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Xena’s new White Paper dives into the technical details of the latest Auto Negotiation and Link Training standards


As Ethernet SerDes speeds increase, it becomes more and more challenging to maintain high signal integrity for transmission over electrical cables. Therefore, increasingly advanced equalization schemes are being used to alleviate the signal integrity challenges.

The Auto Negotiation (AN) and especially Link Training (LT) protocols automate part of the tedious manual equalizer tuning and are becoming crucial for high-speed connections. But, every new SerDes speed brings an update to the protocols.

Do you want to be updated on the newest AN and LT protocols for 112G SerDes based Ethernet but don’t want to read the full 6000 pages IEEE802.3 standard? Then check out our new white paper “Auto Negotiation & Link Training for 112G SerDes-based Ethernet”.


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