Our Customers

Xena proudly serves customers in the following industry segments below. Please contact us directly for a list of reference customer that match your company profile.


Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs)

NEMs face the challenge of developing innovative products that do more and outperform everything on the market. The stakes are high which means delivering these products – on schedule – requires rigorous testing of myriad parameters throughout the product development cycle.

Xena delivers test solutions that can cost-effectively verify NEM’s products perform to specifications and live up to the quality and reliability standards – even under extreme traffic conditions.

Using our tried-and-tested L2-3 and L4-7 traffic generation and analysis platforms, Xena has helped manufacturers bring to market numerous different products in multiple segments including switches, routers, gateways, access network devices and firewalls.


Service Providers

In the highly competitive Service Provider market, success is built on reliably giving users a first-class experience on the latest services for the lowest possible cost.

Xena’s advanced Gigabit Ethernet test platforms have all the features needed to measure and document the quality of network performance in all areas of myriad different services. Our customers include many of the world’s biggest and best known telcos as well as innovative SaaS providers.


Enterprise and Finance

Enterprise networks are required to provide access to a vast array of applications, data and services – by myriad different users – from all corners of the globe, without compromising security or performances. Its a tall order. Even small changes can have serious consequences while rolling out major upgrades can make or break a company.

For those in the financial sector, the stakes can be even more serious given the critical role of timing.

For almost a decade now, Xena has been delivering advanced solutions that have helped IT departments in business and financial institutions around the world test and measure network performance and the impact of new IT investments for optimal operating efficiency.


Universities and Research

As academic and research institutions try to push the boundaries of what’s possible, their need for Gigabit Ethernet test and measurement equipment that supports the very latest advances in networking technology can play a defining role.

Xena has supplied test solutions to universities and research units in the US, Europe and Asia to help them expand the frontier of human knowledge.


Semiconductor Vendors

Chip vendors provide storage, communication and computing components used by NEMs to create new innovative solutions. The components include both highly advanced products and cost-optimized second/third generation products. The semiconductor vendors need to test and verify their products both during development, quality assurance and production to ensure quality and stability of the products.

Xena has been helping semiconductor vendors around the world with test solutions and test automation to evaluating and verifying their products quickly and efficiently.


Government Authorities

Government authorities have many different communication tasks like supporting the communication needs of a government, supporting government services and information technology, defence technology, defence communication and aerospace technology.

With Xena test solutions government authorities have been able to test and verify quality and performance of their Ethernet communication networks efficiently.


Conformance Testing

Conformance testing determines whether an equipment complies with the requirements stated in a given specification/standard. For example, it is important to ensure that Ethernet communication equipment installed at the customer premises can communicate with other equipment in a network.

Xena test solutions are used by conformance test laboratories world wide. They benefit from the test automation available with Xena products making uniform repeated testing simple.


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