Phantom User Manual


Phantom is a remote access solution allowing access to all the Xena applications such as ValkyrieManager etc. using an HTML 5 enabled browser. The solution is hosted in a mini PC and consists of Windows Server 2012 R2 with 5 Remote Desktop Session licenses. This lets 5 concurrent users work simultaneously with Xena applications using their favorite HTML 5-enabled browser from any operating system. Graphic acceleration technology gives users an experience that is very close to using a standard desktop.

Quick Start Guide

When Phantom is powered up and connected to a network infrastructure, it can be accessed as a web server on its IP address.
Use your browser and connect to the standard configured IP address or if needed follow the instructions on how to enter a custom IP address in the Setup guidelines below.

From the Phantom landing page choose one of the Xena applications, when prompted use following credentials:

Username user1
Password xena

The application will then be launched inside the browser.
The box comes with 5 pre-configured user setup named user1 – user5, all with password ‘xena’.

Setup Guidelines

Windows 2012 R2 Server configuration
The Windows Server 2012 R2 is configured as a workgroup server with:

Administrative account:
Username Administrator
Password XenaAdmin1
Computer name XenaWeb
IP Address
Subnet mask

To join an existing domain in your organization, contact your IT administration.

How to change IP address

  1. Connect the box with screen, keyboard and mouse.
  2. Log in using account: Administrator with password XenaAdmin1
  3. Go to folder ‘C:XenaWebXenaWebSetup’ using File Explorer.
  4. Right click SetNetwork.ps1 and select ‘Run with PowerShell’.
    1. Enter the new static IP address.
    2. Enter sub net mask.
    3. Enter gateway.

Update Guidelines

When new versions of Xena software is available the box can be updated following these instructions:

  1. Download and store the new Xena release on a USB stick.
  2. Connect the box with screen, keyboard and mouse.
  3. Log in using account: Administrator with password XenaAdmin1
  4. Copy the release (.msi file) from USB stick to ‘C:XenaWebXenaWebSetup’
    and install according to: Software Installation Guide
  5. After installation, copy all Xena application shortcuts on the desktop and paste them in the directory c:XenaWeb.

How to access to files stored on Phantom

The file system on Phantom can be accessed using either FTP or mapping a shared folder as local drive.
To use FTP simply use the IP address of the box and use one of the 5 pre-configured credentials, user1 – user5 all with the password xena.

Using the c:XenaWebFTP folder as a mapped drive on the users local PC using File Explorer. Use ‘Map Network Drive’ with address \ (The XenaWeb box IP address).