Our Product Lines


… for configuring and generating stateless (Layer 2-3) Ethernet traffic at all speeds up to 800GE, and analyzing how network devices and services perform in response: perfect for most lab-based data-plane test scenarios.


… makes it easy to generate stateful traffic over Ethernet and then analyze how e.g. firewalls, wireline & wireless networks, NICs, packet brokers, NAT routers, bandwidth-shapers etc. perform in a wide range of real-world scenarios.


… a production line test solution for networking devices that use Ethernet traffic, (switches, NICs, routers, GPON devices, cable modems, EOC, power modems etc.) – robust and extremely easy to use.


… makes it easy to measure the performance of enterprise-class firewalls when different features (antivirus, app-control, IPS and SSL decryption) are enabled, and quickly compare the results in simple-to-understand PDF reports.


… a network impairment emulator that makes it easy to introduce packet manipulation, latency, jitter, bandwidth control and shaping to traffic between DUTs in the lab. All rates from 10GE to 100GE are supported by a single 2-slot test module.