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What are the challenges facing the Ethernet component production line? What are the needs of test engineers and managers?

Any organization that produces #Ethernet networking components will perform a variety of performance, functionality, and quality of service tests.

While many of these tests take place at the R&D stage, companies that manufacture Ethernet components on a large scale also need to assure products as they come off the #manufacturing line. These production line tests create a vast amount of data that test managers must analyze to get a global view of product quality.

Performing these tests and analyzing the data during production is very different to conducting R&D or functionality tests. Production line Ethernet testing at scale demands solutions built specifically for the realities of the manufacturing floor.

In this White Paper, we’ll look at the challenges facing the Ethernet component production line, explore the diverse needs of test engineers and managers, and examine how solutions from Xena Networks can optimize Ethernet production line testing.

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