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This vendor's claim of a performance of 5Gbps is far from accurate

Are you sure your enterprise firewall performs to spec?

As shown, activating antivirus, application control, IPS/IDS, SSL Certificate validation, and logging & reporting had a limited impact on the firewall’s performance. But as soon as SSL Outbound certification (decryption) was added, the performance nosedived by 70% to just 2Gbps – way below the 5Gbps the vendor claimed!

The chart is an example of the brand new “smart analysis” feature in Safire, Xena’s breakthrough product for measuring the performance impact of enabling different functions on enterprise-grade firewalls. The new smart analysis feature enables Safire to execute a series of tests and then collate the results to clearly pinpoint which features cause a firewall’s performance to collapse. Up until now, generating a chart like this that clearly pinpoints a firewall’s bottleneck required complex equipment, advanced analytical skills and plenty of time.

Safire is the “no-fuss” alternative. It’s a breeze to set up, it will deliver the results you need while you’re eating lunch, and give you the results in an “at a glance” report.

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